Adult Basic Education Disability Portal

Welcome to Montana's Placeholder ABE Disability Portal Page!

This website would give educators in Montana information and resources to accommodate learning disabilities in people using adult basic education services. Besides the ABE Disabilities Manual, it will contain local, regional and state information and links on professional development and training opportunities, conferences, and news of interest to the adult basic education community.

  • Minnesota is leading by example. Their ABE disability manual was greatly used and inspired this network. SEE THEIR NEW SITE

  • The Adult Basic Education Disabilities resource guide is THE website for adult basic education information and resources, all in one convenient place. GO TO THE ABE MANUAL

  • Ohio is already on board, and their site serves as a great resource for people in the ABE community. CHECK IT OUT


If you're in a position to help your state get into the network, please fill out this form and let us know you're interested.